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The Growing Demand For Convenience Food

Jun 16, 2023

The Growing Demand For Convenience Food

We’ve all been there–nights where we would order takeouts instead of cooking or settling for a quick bite of cold leftover pizza in the morning. That’s because, in reality, grocery shopping, cooking, and even eating can take up so much time and energy.

The demand for convenience food is now changing the food industry where almost everything is packaged and sold as food that requires minimum preparation or none at all. They are mainly ready-to-eat meals such as salads and wraps, or reheatable sets.

Who demands convenience food?

The younger generation may seem like the obvious answer here, but older consumers are increasingly showing their demand too, as some brands offer healthy options. 

The younger generation or Gen Z are consumers who value quality over price. They are also drawn to food packaged in trendy, attractive packaging that is easy to transport. 

Millennials–who stand between Gen Zs and seniors–are mostly conscious consumers. They are concerned about how the food and its packaging would impact the environment, and whether they are healthy and can be eaten on the go or not.

Seniors, on the other hand, prefer traditional dishes that come in much smaller, easy-to-open packages. Minimal preparation and pre-portioned ingredients are also preferences when it comes to convenience food. 

How is convenience food changing the industry?

According to Statista, the revenue from convenience food in Southeast Asia amounts to 33.89 billion USD this year. It is expected to grow annually by 5.25% until 2027, while the average consumption volume per person is expected to amount to 10.47kg in 2023. 

These food products will become more widely sold everywhere including in supermarkets, convenience stores, online delivery services, and vending machines or kiosks. 

Convenience food is also designed with easy-to-open-and-use plastics, making them more marketable to consumers. Types of convenience food in the market right now include meals-to-go packaged in pouches, reheatable meals packaged in microwaveable boxes, and meal kits with pre-portioned ingredients and preparation instruction sheets.

Designed for consumers tight on schedules or simply desiring a no-fuss meal preparation, convenience food is the next trend that will revolutionize the way the industry feeds us.