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The Art Of Grazing: Exploring The Charcuterie Board Trend

Jun 16, 2023

The Art Of Grazing: Exploring The Charcuterie Board Trend

Charcuterie has long been a form of cuisine art dating back to ancient Rome. Pioneered by the French to invent its modern version, it was a simple assembly of cured meats, fruits, cheeses, and nuts, commonly paired with aged wine. 

Today, the charcuterie boards you see on social media and on restaurant displays are intricately curated, stunning fusions of artistry and gastronomy. From Mediterranean Board to Chocolate and Fruit Boards, the possibilities are endless. Restaurants are offering their own versions too, showing off culinary artistry to impress their diners.

Charcuterie boards with a twist

This year, charcuterie trends are pushing the boundaries of traditional platter concepts, giving chefs the opportunity to come out with unique offerings. Your restaurant can easily attract new diners by incorporating unconventional elements into your charcuterie boards. 

Here are some fresh ideas for diners hungry for something new:

Dessert Boards

Create a stunning appeal to charcuterie boards with desserts and sweet options like chocolate, fruits, petite cakes, and tarts, paired with cheeses and nuts.

Brunch Boards

Your breakfast-loving diners will love this. Combine favorite breakfast items like bagels, cream cheese, fruits, and smoked salmon.

Butter Boards

Display an array of dairy butter adorned with sea salt, herbs, and spices, and pair it with crackers, sourdough, or fruits. Read here to find out how London Chef Thomas Straker makes out-of-this-world versions of butter, and how you can too.

French Fry Boards

Nothing screams comfort food like this. Combine various cuts of fries with an assortment of toppings and dipping sauces to create the ultimate side dish your diners can order on their own to share. We’ve got all the tasty, visually appealing fries here.

Themed charcuterie boards

Themed boards are a creative way to offer your diners a memorable experience. They’re also great to cater to specific preferences or special occasions. Consider designing charcuterie boards around a central theme:

Seasonal Boards

Showcase flavors of each season with carefully selected ingredients like summer fruits or autumnal roasted vegetables.

Regional Boards

Feature local ingredients and flavors that celebrate your region’s cuisine.

Dietary-focused Boards

Some diners have specific dietary preferences and restrictions, cater to them by designing vegan, gluten-free, or keto-friendly options. 

Beyond meats and cheeses

In 2023, charcuterie boards are including non-traditional ingredients to provide restaurants with the chance to showcase their creativity and technique such as fresh or smoked seafood, plant-based alternatives, and exotic fruits and vegetables. 

You can also gain more traction when you allow your customers to ‘DIY’ their own charcuterie board, creating an engaging and memorable dining experience. Offer them a wide array of ingredients–various meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and other accompaniments. Then, display the ingredients of their choice in an appealing way by using attractive serving platters and arrangements.

All in all, the charcuterie board trend provides an exciting opportunity for chefs and restaurants to showcase their artistry and culinary expertise while setting their businesses apart from the competition. These unconventional ways of designing charcuterie boards will provide your diners with a memorable dining experience.