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Life Hacks That Actually Work

Jun 19, 2023

Life Hacks That Actually Work

Life hacks are easy tips and tricks that help us make our life easier. These tips are easy to follow, easy to implement and will definitely improve your life in some way.

  1. After taking a pill, flip your pill bottle — you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you took it.

  2. If you love iced coffee, you probably don’t like it to be watered down by ice cubes. So, the best way is to make coffee ice cubes. 

  3. Instead of keeping your alarm clock or phone next to your bed, place it across the room, out of arm’s reach, so you’ll actually wake up when it goes off.

  4. When working from home, use your short breaks to complete simple chores at home such as putting a load of laundry, or washing the dishes. 

  5. Doing at least one chore every day. This will help you feel less overwhelmed while giving you more time to rest during the weekends. 

  6. To eliminate the never-ending issue of mismatched (or missing) socks, buy many pairs of the same sock and toss the others.

  7. When cooking, clean as you go. So you won’t have to deal with a dirty kitchen once you’ve finished eating. 

  8. Save time peeling a boiled egg by adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the water and eggshells will come off effortlessly.