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How To Survive F&B Labour Shortage

Jun 16, 2023

How To Survive F&B Labour Shortage

As the world returns to normalcy after the pandemic, business owners, especially in the food and beverage industry are facing a labour shortage. Not having enough workers means the restaurant would have to shorten their operating hours and the customers have to wait for a longer time for their food to be served. 

Here are 3 tips on how to survive in food and beverage labour shortage: 

Emphasize on staff compensation and benefits 

You can offer outstanding compensation and benefits for employees. This is to increase the chances of staff recruitment, this includes higher hourly wages, performance bonuses, and potential career growth. 

Focus on employee retention

Do you have the best talent? Focus on their career development such as training, healthy working culture, and give them the opportunity to tackle leadership roles. This will not only keep them for the long term, but you will also save time and money on recruitment in the future.

Invest in technology and system

Technology and systems will help your business to run smoothly even though you could be facing labour scarcity. This will not only help to save time, but also cover the overhead cost in the long run.  Such systems include restaurant POS systems or QR code menus.