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How Noodles Are Slurped Around The World

Jun 16, 2023

How Noodles Are Slurped Around The World

For as long as noodles have existed throughout the centuries, most people would associate them with Chinese and Italian dishes. In reality, they have made their mark in tons of cultures and cuisine. Here’s how different parts of the world like to slurp their noodles;

noodles on chopsticks


Boasting a variety of delicious noodle dishes, China is home to one of the most popular dishes ever made—‘Zhajiangmian’ noodles. It translates to ‘fried sauce noodles’ where wheat noodles are mixed with a special sauce—stir-fried ground pork or beef with fermented soybean paste.

noodles and vegeatables on plate


Invented in the 17th century, Japchae became a popular Korean dish when Yi Chung served King Gwanghaegun a plate of stir-fried vegetables. The King liked it so much that he promoted his liege to Secretary of the Treasury for his kingdom. About 200 years later, glass noodles made from sweet potato starch were introduced to the dish we love today.

small pile of noodles in center of plate with garnish


Italian cuisine is famous for its wide range of pasta dishes. ‘Cacio e Pepe’ is one of its ancient classics. It is pasta doused in rich, grated pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper. This simple yet delicious dish is believed to be invented by Roman shepherds who would combine pasta with cheese made from their sheep’s milk. 

dessert noodle dish with nuts


Behold, a delicious dessert noodle originating in the Indian subcontinents. Payasam is roasted vermicelli noodles boiled in a mixture of milk and ghee. It is flavored with cardamom, saffron, nuts, and dried fruits. It is served hot or chilled during celebrations like weddings or pujas.

Sopa Criolla with bread plate to the side


Influenced by the country’s mix of cultures, Sopa Criolla is the ultimate Peruvian comfort food. It is a lovely combination of beef, onions, garlic, aji panca, tomatoes, milk, and angel hair noodles. Once cooked, it is topped with egg and croutons.