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How Does A Restaurant Earn A Michelin Star?

Jun 16, 2023

How Does A Restaurant Earn A Michelin Star?

A Michelin star is the highest recognition an established restaurant can earn. It is the mark of quality that sets your restaurant apart from the rest. It all starts with a Michelin inspector.  

A Michelin inspector is someone who has a keen eye for detail and a palate that is trained to be diverse for sampling a variety of dishes. They will need to do a thorough assessment by eating at a particular restaurant – all while staying anonymous. Once the Michelin inspector is assured of the restaurant’s consistency in quality, only then the restaurant is awarded one or more Michelin stars.

 According to the Michelin Guide, here are definition of the stars:

  •  One star – A very good restaurant in its category

  •  Two stars – Excellent cooking, worth a detour

  •  Three stars – Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

There are 5 assessment criteria to determine whether a restaurant is worthy of a Michelin star, which are: 

1. Use of quality, fresh ingredients

2. Having high quality cooking techniques and an understanding of distinct flavours

3. Expressing the culture and heritage of the establishment in the cuisine

4. Good food that gives value for money

5. Consistency of food, quality and service