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Hiring Gen Z For The Food Service Industry

Jun 16, 2023

Hiring Gen Z For The Food Service Industry

It’s a familiar sight to see young people working in the food service industry. However, with a tight competition in the labor market–where various industries are offering attractive opportunities–a report from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) found that:

  • Nearly 20% of millennials and GenZs leave the restaurant industry to start a new career after finishing school,

  • almost 22% leave because they “aren’t making enough money”,

  • and 3 out of 10 left for “something better”.

A career in the restaurant industry offers them unique learning opportunities such as the foundational skills they need to succeed later in life like communication, team-building, hospitality, and leadership. Because of that, this industry is a popular “first job” for many GenZs. Nevertheless, it also offers a distinct opportunity as a long-term career choice, as it expects to add about 1.6 million jobs in the next decade.

While a competitive income and a good manager play an important role in retaining these young employees, a deeper understanding must be sought. The industry needs to intrigue Gen Zs and Millennials to acknowledge the positive aspects of the industry, as well as provide them with good experiences for them to stay. 

Research findings show that:

Mentorship is an important driver

Welcoming, friendly mentors help to build confidence and professional skills.

Reputation and image matter

A business with ethics and appreciation for diversity are key aspects that Gen Zs look for.

Social media is a good platform to advertise vacancy

Besides word of mouth from friends and family being highly effective in deciding where GenZs can apply to work, social media can be an additional key resource.

Work environment should be positive

An active, open environment that doesn’t restrict creativity is where GenZs prefer to work in. 

Growth and opportunity are essential

GenZs expect to advance their careers through promotions and salary increments within the first year.

The younger generation presents exciting opportunities for the restaurant industry to grow better in the market. Having a better understanding of what they expect from a job and employer makes it easier to cultivate a long-term (and fun) environment.