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Eco-Friendly Swaps You Will Not Regret

Jun 19, 2023

Eco-Friendly Swaps You Will Not Regret

From having coffee to enjoying a good night’s rest, you can go green with these simple switches. 

Choose washables

We may think that using cotton pads are safe as they are made from natural material. They went through a process of bleaching with various chemicals, which prevents them from biodegrading. Instead, opt for washable alternatives such as reusable pads or handkerchiefs that can save the environment and your money.

Sleep more sustainably

Another way that we can be more sustainable is when we sleep. Most mattresses contain flame-retardants and various chemicals, which can take a long time to break down. So look out for organic options when choosing mattress, bedsheets and pillows.

Use water bottles and coffee mugs

You can prevent contributing to the total amount of waste by minimising the use of paper or paper cups.

Rethink your fashion

Fast fashion is responsible for nearly 10% of global emissions and textile dyes are the world’s second largest polluter of water. It’s clear that fast fashion is powering significant climate change impact. We can lessen the impact by changing the way we shop for clothes. Instead of purchasing from big brands, choose to shop locally to help support local economy and reduce carbon emissions. You can also choose organic fabrics and shop in thrift stores.