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DIY All-Natural Citrus Spray

Jun 19, 2023

DIY All-Natural Citrus Spray

If you’re someone who can do away with harmful cleaning additives, here’s a DIY to try! You can make your very own non-toxic household cleaning solution by using vinegar and some orange peels. White vinegar provides natural but effective antimicrobial activity, and by infusing white vinegar with orange peels, this cleaning spray takes on a fresh, citrusy, enjoyable scent.


  • A glass container

  • White vinegar 

  • Water

  • Peels of 3 oranges 

  • Optional: Spray bottle, lavender essential oil 


  1. Pack the glass container tightly with orange peels, and then fill container to the top with vinegar. Close and set in a sunny spot to infuse for at least two weeks. 

  2. Strain the vinegar, discard the peels, and store the vinegar in a glass jar in a dark, cool spot.

  3. To make all-purpose cleaner, pour half of the vinegar into a spray bottle. Add in 2 cups water, and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Screw on lid and shake well. 

  4. To use, shake the mixture well, and then spray onto surface and wipe clean with a damp cloth.