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Are QR Menus Really Convenient?

Jun 16, 2023

Are QR Menus Really Convenient?

Do you ever find yourself sitting at a restaurant at a loss trying to get the waiter’s attention to just look at the menu? …Only to have him point out the pixelated square on the corner of the table for you to scan.

QR menus were a thing in most fast-casual restaurants before the pandemic even happened. And true enough, the pandemic increased the demand for contactless options. Accessing the menu through your phone was nothing more than a measure of safety, but today, you have to do so at almost every restaurant. For the most part, these QR codes provide the full menu, but it is more common to see the restaurant’s entire ordering system there.

While it can be beneficial from a restaurant owner’s perspective—less labor work and streamlined operations—is a QR menu the best thing for diners? This article breaks down its pros and cons, so keep reading.


No-fuss menu updating

Updating the menu on out-of-stock items, promotions, or new dishes is much quicker and requires no re-printing. Since the QR is hosted online, restaurants get to save a lot on reprinting costs.

Faster service

Orders being piled up can lead to two things—order mix-up and slow service. They can be a letdown to diners, which can really affect the restaurant’s reviews. With a QR menu and ordering system, customers can order anytime without being rushed, and have their orders sent to the kitchen immediately. It speeds up the whole process.

Less labor and stress

Even the best-trained staff can get overwhelmed during very busy hours. A QR can help significantly as it minimizes the need for face-to-face contact, unless for a checking.



A QR menu, like many things that are digital, requires familiarity. When diners—mainly older diners—don’t have the best knowledge to work an online ordering system, a sense of detachment can result in them leaving the restaurant.  Diners will also have to own a phone camera with a stable internet connection to scan the menu which some can’t afford.

Poor dining experience

This digital menu encourages diners to look at their phone screens more, which can really disrupt the sacred time and atmosphere where they should be socializing.

Poor execution

Lack of consistency and speed when using a QR menu can really turn diners off. Restaurant owners, if they’re lucky enough, can land a good developer to come out with a seamless QR menu and ordering system that runs smoothly. And if they don’t, they’ll be facing upset diners who probably didn’t get their orders. 

Technology, as we know it, can either be a good thing or a real nuisance. While they help to directly connect diners to restaurants, cut costs on printing, and so much more. In spite of that, maintaining a human connection remains important to create an engaging atmosphere. On the flip side, it really depends on what environment restaurateurs want to cultivate in the name of ‘concept’, but an efficient and effective QR system should be implemented.