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9 Unusual Uses For Potatoes

Jun 19, 2023

9 Unusual Uses For Potatoes

How much do we really know about potatoes? Many of us only consume a small quantity of this amazing root, despite the fact that it is a staple meal in practically every country on the planet and includes a range of vitamins and nutrients. We consume potatoes in the form of mashed potatoes or crispy fries, but we are unaware that they have been utilized for thousands of years for things besides food.

Even though the majority of these applications might seem strange, here are nine unusual ways you can use them: 

  1. Polishing Agent

    Use the water left behind after boiling potatoes to remove tarnish from silver without the use of abrasives.

  2. Rust Remover

    Use a raw potato cut in half to remove rust from your cooking utensils or gardening tools. The acid in the potato will help to dissolve the rust. You will have even more cleaning power if you sprinkle some salt on the surface.

  3. Prevent Fogging

    Cutting a potato in half and rubbing the inside of the potato on goggles (for swimming, skiing, snorkling, etc.) prevents condensation from forming, resulting in fog-free goggles. The same method can be used to keep your car’s windshield, windows, and even your glasses clear of fog.

  4. Shoe Polishing

    This miraculous vegetable can also be used to polish shoes. It’s as simple as slicing a potato in half and rubbing it directly on the shoes’ leather. Almost immediately, you will notice that the shoe has a dull appearance. Set the shoes aside for about five minutes, then wipe them down with a soft brush or clean cloth. The results are absolutely fantastic. You’ll be left with a gleaming pair of shoes for free, though we don’t recommend eating the potato afterwards.

  5. Reduce Puffy Eyes

    We usually rely on the nutrients in cucumbers to relax our eyes and remove those unsightly puffs. Cucumbers are effective, but potatoes are an even better remedy. The best way to do this is to slice a potato in half and place the halves over the eyes for about twenty minutes. Repeat this process on a regular basis, and you’ll soon notice a difference. Potatoes, in addition to treating puffy eyes, also aid in the removal of dark circles under the eyes. 

  6. For Arts and Crafts

    Simply cut the potato in half and draw your designs on the fleshy part. It can be your initials, a flower, a rainbow, a heart, or anything else you want. After you’ve finished your design, dip the potato in paint and stamp your work. When you’re finished with one design, you can clear the slate by slicing it off and starting over. 

  7. De-Salt Your Food

    If you’ve over salted your soup or stew, add a few raw potatoes and simmer for about 10 minutes. The potatoes will absorb the salt.

  8. Hot or Cold Compress

    This is an age-old trick. Potatoes keep their temperature for a long time. So, on those cold nights, keep slices of hot potatoes in your pockets and gloves to keep warm. Chilled potatoes are excellent for staying cool. You can also use potato slices in a sock to make hot or cold compresses to relieve pain and aches.

  9. Remove a Broken Light Bulb

    You’ll almost certainly have to deal with a broken bulb that has left a small portion of it in the socket at some point. This problem can be solved with the help of an old potato. To begin, turn off the light and clean the glass. Then, cut a potato and allow the fleshy end to dry slightly. The cut side should then be gently pushed into the remaining broken bulb and screwed out.