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8 Important Pos System Features Every Restaurant Needs To Have

Jun 16, 2023

8 Important Pos System Features Every Restaurant Needs To Have

If you are looking to adopt automated practices for your F&B business, consider these POS system features to streamline your operations;


By integrating a cashier into your POS system, you can avoid any ordering and billing mistakes, and easily receive your customer’s payments.

Order management

Taking orders and delivering the correct items are important processes in your business. Compared to using paper when taking orders, this feature minimizes any miscommunication between the floor crew and kitchen staff.

Inventory management

Keeping your food costs under control is important to avoid unnecessary and excessive purchases. Unlike paper-based inventory, this feature allows you to calculate food and ingredient costs more accurately.

Staff management

It may be common to have part-timers working for you. This feature allows them to clock in according to their shifts. Plus, it promotes punctuality and accountability.

Table management

This feature gives you a visual reference of your restaurant’s layout and table numbers. It can help you ensure that all orders and bills are sent to the right customer.

Itemized sales reporting

This feature provides real data on your sales—on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis—which you can use to uncover your customer’s buying trends. This way, you will be able to improve your bestsellers and remove unpopular items from the menu.

Multi-outlet management

If you have more than one outlet, this feature can help you monitor activities from all outlets through one dashboard.

Cloud-based restaurant management

With a cloud POS system, you can access your outlet information anywhere and at any time on your device—so you can save time and cost of going to your outlet every day to check up.