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Thinking Pink: The Rosy Food Trend In 2023

Jun 16, 2023

Thinking Pink: The Rosy Food Trend In 2023

The trend of photographing food–or ‘phone eats first’–has become increasingly popular with the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, where users often share images of their meals as a way of showcasing their lifestyle or culinary preferences.

This year, pink-colored foods and beverages are becoming some of the most popular menu items in the food industry and restaurants are finding new, creative ways to integrate these visually pleasing hues into their own. Beets, strawberries, and dragon fruits are some ingredients used to create stunning pink specialties, whether cocktails, pasta, or pies.

If you are looking to take your restaurant’s menu items to the ‘gram to garner more social media attention, here are some fresh ideas to consider for your pink menu:

Using red or pink colored berries

Berries like raspberries, cranberries and cherries will give any dish or beverage a beautiful splash of color with their natural pigments. They are each uniquely flavored and versatile to be used in any food like smoothies, jams, or sauces. Don’t limit their use to only desserts, try incorporating them into a savory dish like grilled salmon with raspberry glaze.

Bold pink for the win

While beetroot gives off deep, intense hues of red, dragonfruit is becoming a popular alternative for a more vibrant and bold shade of pink. They are beautiful when sliced as a garnish or blended into a sauce to pair with savory steak. 

Sipping on pink

If you feel like playing on the safe side, try incorporating the color into beverages as a start. Experiment with beetroot powder, raspberry syrup, or hibiscus flowers in your next creation. Pink Latte, Strawberry Margarita, Watermelon Agua Fresca–can all offer unique flavor combinations to your diners.

 A pink fiesta salad

Upgrade your salads with a vibrant twist using combinations of red cabbage, cara cara oranges, pomegranate, and pink kale. Your health-conscious diners will love this, as their pink hues add a boost of nutrients like antioxidants.

These Instagram-friendly pink menu items are not only able to capture attention from social media, but they are also loaded with vitamins and minerals, which can be a plus point to keep your customers coming back.