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More Interest In Hiring Disabled People In The F&B Sector

Jun 16, 2023

More Interest In Hiring Disabled People In The F&B Sector

People with disabilities (PWDs) are often shunned in many industries because of the misconception that they are not capable to work as well as non-PWDs. Such a misconception exists because there is a lack of general awareness among business owners. The disability spectrum is, in fact, broad. PWDs can be dealing with physical impairments, intellectual disabilities, or mental conditions. Most employers also believe that PWDs—especially those with autism or down syndrome—lack communication skills, flexibility, and the ability to get used to the job. Bearing that in mind, employers are concerned that they are spending extra funds on their accommodations—additional training, frequent supervision, and special aid equipment.

Despite that, employers are progressively opening their hiring pool—following the severe manpower shortage caused by the pandemic. This increase was recently—and mostly—indicated in distinct sectors; hospitality and food and beverage (F&B). PWDs make loyal F&B employees because they may possess skills such as pattern recognition, eidetic memory, mathematic skills, and a heightened sense of creativity. These skills are crucial in F&B operations, especially when taking orders, processing payments, and problem-solving. 

On the company’s behalf, PWDs are empowering a better employee retention rate because they have a stronger sense of loyalty and are proven to show less absenteeism. The sector is also expecting increased customer loyalty and an expanded consumer segment—due to the representation of PWDs in the premise. This inclusivity is also improving the company’s morale and image, allowing them a competitive edge in the industry. 

In reality, PWDs are actually more capable than they are presumed to be. Since they work best in structured environments, employers must be willing to redesign work processes for PWDs. Though PWDs are actively being accepted in the F&B sector, bigger sectors like tech and logistics are also doing so at a slower pace. Consequently, hiring PWDS can contribute to better performance in the company.