How To Reuse Citrus Peels For Your Kitchen

Jul 14, 2023

How To Reuse Citrus Peels For Your Kitchen

Citrus fruits not only taste refreshing on a hot day, but they also smell great and make effective stain and odor removers. So, before you get tempted to throw out your orange, lemon, or lime peels—here’s what you can do for a kitchen that smells fresh. 

Deodorize your garbage disposals

You put all kinds of waste in your bin. Food waste, in particular, is bound to stink up your kitchen. 

Gather your citrus peels and cut them into smaller pieces and place them in the garbage bin. The peels will release a sweet, refreshing scent which reduces the foul odor. Do this with a few peels at a time, letting the spare ones dry up for next time. For a better effect, do this on a weekly basis.

Refresh your microwave

Your microwave has gone through a lot. The accumulated odors from all the food you’ve reheated don’t always end up smelling delicious together.

Place water and citrus peels in a mug and microwave for 4 minutes. Once the timer goes off, keep the door closed and let the steam cleanse any lingering odors. Finally, remove the mug and wipe down any debris left in the microwave. 

Freshen up your whole kitchen

To make your entire kitchen smells irresistible, set the oven to about 170C and bake a tray of laid-out citrus peels for a few minutes. This can eliminate any foul odors lingering in your kitchen, especially after cooking.

Air freshener pouches

Want your cabinets or pantry to be smelling fresh too? Grab some mesh or thin cotton pouches or bags, and place dried citrus peels and spices—like cardamom or cinnamon sticks—before tying the bundles tight. Place them in drawers, cabinets, or even your wardrobe.