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How To Design A Restaurant Menu

Jun 16, 2023

How To Design A Restaurant Menu

Your menu is probably the first thing that a customer interacts with, and a good menu is one that helps to drive sales and boost profits. Here are some essential restaurant menu design tips to help you get started: 


Your menu should be a reflection of your restaurant’s personality. Is it fun, bold or minimalist? Once you’ve determined your restaurant’s image, you can then design a menu that best fits the persona and the selection of your food. 


A menu should mimic the dining experience – starting with appetizers, salads and soups, then entrees, then desserts. You may even highlight signature and recommended dishes with attractive photographs to draw attention, and help customers make decisions. Separate sections for beef, chicken or even vegetarian options can be created as well. 


Create different icons or symbols for different types of items, such as vegan, gluten-free, or sugar-free items to help customers find dishes that complement their diets. 


Apart from design, you can get creative with dish names and ingredients. Doing this can entice customers to order, and even better, induce future visits to try out. 


Everyone loves a good story. At the end of the menu, you can include a short paragraph or story about your restaurant as it showcases your restaurant’s commitment to high standards of quality and taste.