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How To Craft A Low-Budget Menu

Jun 16, 2023

How To Craft A Low-Budget Menu

Amidst the economic slump and soaring food prices, the restaurant industry is faced with the challenge of maintaining profitability while providing affordable options for diners. However, if you’re an aspiring restaurateur resilient enough to go through these tough times, keep reading as we guide you through planning a no-fuss, budget-friendly restaurant menu.

Keep the menu simple

Plan a cuisine or theme, then stick to it. Avoid offering complicated items and offer a lesser number of items instead. Doing so will allow steady profit growth. 

Offer dishes with inexpensive ingredients

When looking for cheap ingredients to incorporate into your menu offerings, go through cookbooks, speak to a restaurant consultant or your chef, and scan the market. 

Prioritize recipes that do not require fancy ingredients, and save those with expensive ones for limited-time offers in the future. Keep in mind to not compromise on the quality of the ingredients, though!

Communicate with your chef and kitchen staff

Your head chef will basically be in charge of the kitchen. Find out how the food will be prepared and what equipment will be used, so you can set out a strategic budget that’ll maximize costs and operations. For example, using the same ingredients in more than one dish.

After all, your chef should know the best combinations of which ingredients will go with what.

Purchase affordable equipment

You might be tempted to purchase state-of-the-art technology and equipment like the 3D food printer, but it’s not worth it, trust us. At least for now. There is plenty of inexpensive equipment in the market that performs just as well as those you see in most high-end restaurants. Otherwise, opt for second-hand ones.

Another tip is to purchase equipment that you know you would use the most since your menu will offer a limited number of items. 

Design your menu with intent

Studies suggest that most diners start scanning the menu from the top right corner while others like to read it like a book. Another study suggests that some diners barely reach the last page.

Make your layout simple to digest and easy on the eyes. Place items that are less popular or profitable in the last few pages. 

Use colors to influence the mood you’re going for your overall cuisine or theme.

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