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Frozen Vs Fresh Foods: Which Is Healthier?

Jun 16, 2023

Frozen Vs Fresh Foods: Which Is Healthier?

When it comes to frozen vs fresh, evidence shows that frozen foods could be the healthier option. Two independent studies by the University of Chester and Leatherhead Food Research found in 66% of cases, frozen fruit and vegetables contained more antioxidants such as vitamin C, polyphenols, beta carotene and lutein compared to fresh varieties stored in the fridge for three days.

Frozen fruits are picked at the peak of ripeness and flash-frozen right after to preserve optimal nutrition benefits. They often last several months and may be more economical and convenient than buying fresh fruits that need to be consumed immediately before going bad. 

Frozen fruit is also beneficial because it is already prepped for you. It usually comes cleaned and pre-sliced for your convenience. 

Another food that is better frozen is fish. Fish has always been one of the healthiest foods to add to a person’s diet. Not only is fish low in saturated fats and high in protein, it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. So is fresh fish nutrition better than frozen fish nutrition? The answer is no. Freezing does nothing to diminish fish’s nutritional value. Freezing keeps bacteria from developing. Previous studies have found that fish helps to prevent asthma in children, Type 1 diabetes, vision problems in old age, and sleep disorders. 

For those who are fans of Japanese sashimi, it is a must to buy frozen. Sashimi-grade seafood should always be purchased frozen, to immediately begin killing bacteria or parasites. Consuming fresh sashimi requires it be eaten immediately in order to conserve the quality of taste and texture. 

The longer shelf life of frozen fish also reduces the likelihood of throwing food away – which makes more business sense for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Sourcing frozen can bring savings to commercial kitchens, not least with chefs able to take only what they need from the freezer and offer consistency in quality and portion sizing. 

In a nutshell, here’s the breakdown of fresh foods vs frozen foods: 


  • Nutrient rich 

  • May suffer nutrient losses due to logistics

  • Usually locally-sourced 


  • Nutrient rich

  • Frozen after picking so nutrients are locked in

  • Not always locally sourced

  • More economical

  • Prevents wastage