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Fries, To Infinity And Beyond!

Jun 16, 2023

Fries, To Infinity And Beyond!

fries in space

While Malaysians are disappointed that the latest Pixar film will not be available in local cinemas, we have discovered that Earth’s favourite food, fries, can also be enjoyed in space. 

But how would fries taste if they were made in space? And the best planet for fries? Jupiter.

After all, space is a hostile environment. You can’t breathe, scream, or do much else without a spaceship to keep you safe. Even inside the spaceship, things aren’t the same as they are on Earth. In space, eating, showering, and doing everyday tasks are all very different. What about frying, though?

Scientists from Greece’s Aristotle University collaborated with the European Space Agency (ESA) on an experiment to see how a batch of fries would react to being cooked in the exotic gravities of space.

They conducted experiments in enhanced gravity – using Jupiter as an example – and observed how the increased gravity affected the cooking of French fries. The key observation was how the oil reacted when more gravity was applied to it. The heated oil rises due to convection, and with increased gravity, this process accelerates.

The method used to achieve this increased gravity was also unusual; a deep fryer filled with oil and potato strips was attached to a centrifuge and spun at a high RPM to simulate increased gravity. Chemists recorded the temperature of the crust of French fries. As a result, cooking at a gravity of 3g yields optimal French fries that are also quite tasty.