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Fried Chicken – The Best In Kuala Lumpur

Jun 19, 2023

Fried Chicken – The Best In Kuala Lumpur

If you eat meat, fried chicken is one of those unquestionably delicious foods. The mere mention of juicy, crispy fried chicken elicits cravings in people of all cultures. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top five restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that serve the best fried chicken. 

Honey Combo Chicken in Basket

1. Kyochon

With 37 stores across Malaysia, Kyochon is a full-service restaurant where your food is prepared fresh to order every time. Only chilled, antibiotic-and hormone-free broiler chickens are used. 

Their fried chicken is tasty, crispy, and expertly fried.

Kyochon on Serving Plate

2. Table & Apron

Located in Damansara, the signature fried chicken at this friendly neighborhood joint is one of the reasons it received a rare five-star rating from our food critic. The winning batter for the chicken is made with only two ingredients: buckwheat flour and soda water. When you bite into the light and crispy skin, you get a satisfying and audible crunch, which is a perfect prelude to the meaty flesh inside, which is warm, soft, and dripping with juices.

fried chicken in a bucket

3. Fat Daddy

Fat Daddy is the Hottest Taiwanese Fried Chicken Fast Food Chain with over 386 stores in Taiwan, 20 stores in China, 3 stores in Indonesia and now in Malaysia too. Try it now at Mid Valley Shopping Mall!

Kentucy Fried chicken in a bucket

4. KFC

With its blend of 11 secret herbs and spices, the fried chicken at KFC remains one of the nation’s most beloved comfort foods.

fried chicken with fries and drinks

5. 4Fingers

This 10-year-old chain has 35 sites worldwide, including Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand. 4Fingers Crispy Chicken offers its famous wings in two flavours: hot and soy garlic. All meals are produced using hormone-free chicken.