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Debunking Myths Of Employing Tech In Food Industry

Jun 16, 2023

Debunking Myths Of Employing Tech In Food Industry

People are constantly curious about the food they consume, including all of its components and nutritional value. Food list transparency has risen to the top, and the most effective way to accomplish this is to digitally transform your activity. However, some food and beverage manufacturers still believe that digitalisation is not important in their business. Having such a mindset causes them to lose the market position with high-tech food production.

Let’s learn about the most prevalent myths about the food industry’s digital transition.

Myth #1: We don’t need the technology now

In reality: As the market has begun to change, including the strategies of their competitors, food and beverage makers typically focus on their marketing strategies, new recipes, and advertising but neglect to integrate digital transformation. This will cost them more in the long run. 

Myth #2: It’s only for big manufacturers and excessive budget 

In reality: Because their production is more adaptable to changes, small and medium-sized food and business manufacturers can more easily adopt their digital transformation than large manufacturers, who will require longer approval time for each processing stage.

Myth #3: One of the most important digital advancements is supply chain monitoring

In reality: The company will become more transparent and reliable thanks to cloud computing and content management. These elements are crucial to digital strategy and will eventually aid in automating the marketing and data collection.

Myth #4: Decisions are made by CEO

In reality: The Chief Information Officer (CIO),  Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) are the three major individuals in charge of technological advances in the production process.