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Pro Tip for K-12: Roasting Meadow Blend Vegetables

Apr 1, 2019

Pro Tip for K-12: Roasting Meadow Blend Vegetables

Our April recipe feature comes from Heather Lyman, Kitchen Manager at Ellis High school in Ellis, Kansas. Heather shared with us how she prepares and serves the Simplot Simple Goodness™ Meadow Blend Vegetables to her students.

Roasted meadow blend veg

"They are fabulous! I throw them on a baking sheet and throw some seasoning, sometimes Salad Delight, sometimes Lawyer's, sometimes Ranch, just whatever I feel like and put them in the oven and roast them! They are easy and delicious! Kids I wouldn't say love them but they do eat them, and that says a lot right there! I love little tricks like this and am always trying experiments!! My girls always giggle because I'm always up to something!"

Thanks for the recipe inspiration, Heather!