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Perfect for soups, salads, casseroles and mashed potatoes, Simplot Recipe Quick and Old Fashioned Way products will save you labor and provide consistent, outstanding quality for your delectable signature recipes.

Peeled and cut - the fastest way to add genuine potato taste and texture to any soup, salad, or casserole.

The secret of Old Fashioned Way is slices of premium potatoes, water blanched and individually quick frozen to lock in fresh flavor. Mashed, au gratin, scalloped or in potato salads, Old Fashioned Way delivers consistently superior quality and versatility to make all your favorite scratch recipes quick, easy and cost-effective.

Any recipe using potato chunks, slices, cubes or cuts comes out better with Recipe Quick. Why? Because Recipe Quick® is specially processed to remove part of the potato’s natural moisture. Pieces hold up better and keep their shape and tender bite longer. Perfect for soups, salads, casseroles and recipes that require consistently superior texture and eye appeal. With Recipe Quick, they’re all easy—and fast!

Bright colors. Classic flavors. Quick prep. Simplot Classic® Vegetables offer you an unprecedented range of tastes, cuts and styles, in addition to reduced labor and waste. Quick frozen to lock in flavor and nutrition, your customers will love their “homemade” goodness.

Ingredient Potatoes
½" Cube
Old Fashioned Way®
Old Fashioned Way®
Recipe Quick®
Recipe Quick Dehydrofrozen
½" Cube
Recipe Quick Dehydrofrozen
½" x 1" x 1" Dice
Simplot Classic® Vegetables
Potatoes, Redskins, 1/4 Wedge
Potatoes, Redskins, Half Slices
Potatoes, Redskins, Tri-Cuts
Potatoes, Small, Whole, White