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Angus Cheeseburger Fries

Recipe Image: Angus Cheeseburger Fries

Angus Cheeseburger Fries, the best of both worlds in one bite! What's not to love about it!?


Ingredient Measurement
Angus ground beef 16.0 oz
RoastWorks®: Flame-Roasted Peppers & Onions 6/2.5lb 4.0 oz
Ketchup 2.0 oz
Yellow mustard 0.5 oz
Brown sugar 1.0 tbsp
Hot pepper sauce (Tabasco) 1.0 tsp
Kosher salt 0.5 oz
Black pepper, ground 0.25 oz
SeasonedCrisp Savory®: Lattice Cut 6/4.5lb 50.0 oz
Batter breaded dill pickles, prepared 10.0 oz
American cheese sauce 7.5 oz
Ketchup 4.0 oz


  • Sauté the ground beef until thoroughly cooked and drain the fat and return beef to pan.
  • Add the peppers and onions, ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, hot pepper sauce and seasonings to the beef.
  • Continue cooking the beef topping until heated through. Reserve warm.
  • For each serving: prepare 10 oz of the Savory Lattice according to the package directions, drain and place on a warm plate.
  • Top the Lattice with 3 oz of beef topping, 2 oz of fresh fried dill pickles, 1 ½ oz of warmed cheese sauce and drizzle with ¾ oz of ketchup.


  • If you cannot find breaded pickles commercially available, drain dill pickle slices and coat with flour, egg wash, and panko breadcrumbs. Deep fry.