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Ancient Grains and Microgreens Salad

Recipe Image: Ancient Grains and Microgreens Salad

For most Americans, the idea of choosing to eat plant-based proteins vs. animal-based proteins isn’t an all or nothing proposition. But with the long-term trend toward health and wellness, more of your patrons are considering reducing their consumption of protein from animals, red meat in particular: • 45% of consumers believe consuming animal protein is a health concern • 26% of consumers said they ate less animal-based protein the last 12 months • 60% of millennials consume plant-based analog meals Add this fresh and flavorful vegan grain salad to your menu this fall to cater to the consumer wanting more plant based proteins.


Ingredient Measurement
Simplot Good Grains™: Ancient Grains & Kale Blend 6/2.5# 40.0 oz
Asian sesame dressing 4.0 fl oz
Red pepper, julienne 5.0 oz
Yellow pepper, julienne 5.0 oz
Red cabbage, sliced very thin 5.0 oz
Microgreens 1.0 oz
Cilantro, whole leaves 1.0 oz
Sea salt to taste
Black pepper, fresh ground to taste

Ingredient Measurement


  • Prepare the Good Grains Ancient Grains and Kale according to package directions, chill. Toss the grains with the dressing to coat. For each serving; place a 4 ounce portion of the grains in a bowl, top with .5 oz. each red and yellow peppers, and .5 oz. red cabbage, Garnish with the microgreens and fresh cilantro leaves. Season with salt and fresh ground pepper.